Consulting Services

Long-term success is built around acquiring the right knowledge for the right context and understanding how to leverage that knowledge into something special.
Market Research

Research is a significant part of keeping any business up to date on the latest trends and developments impacting markets. BFC offers the context-based and in-depth insights necessary to take full advantage of current market conditions.

Access to Finance Research

Developing accurate predictions of overall demand and an understanding of potential risks are crucial for designing ways to unlock economic potential and reduce poverty in emerging economies.

BFC’s methodology for access to finance research includes:

  • Identification
  • Review
  • Assessment
  • Evaluation and Conclusions

BFC has implemented a number of market analyses in over 35 developing countries since 2003.

Investment Feasibility Study

Assessing the economic feasibility and sustainability of potential projects is an important step to guiding expansion efforts into international markets and/or new business activities.

BFC’s tailor-made approach for each client’s needs and context provides an unmatched level of insight to inform decision-making.

Diagnostics and Due Diligence

Internal assessments are an important part of understanding what steps need to be taken to achieve goals and maximise impacts. BFC works with clients to provide all relevant insights to take decisive and informed actions.

Institutional Due Diligence

A thorough internal review based on BFC’s comprehensive Quality Management Framework allows clients to:

  • Benefit from informed, detailed market knowledge and analyses
  • Improve time and cost efficiency
  • Maintain a focus on core business activities while receiving the highest-quality due diligence service

BFC has conducted a large number of bank analyses in over 58 countries on behalf of globally active development banks and institutions as well as private investors, and consequently has developed a specialised and comprehensive due diligence methodology in the last 10 years.

BFC has also implemented projects with standalone due diligence components.



A professional and comprehensive assessment of internal processes is crucial for any organisational optimisation process to succeed.

BFC draws from its varied experience to deliver valuable insights that lead to durable improvements and a greater impact on long-term success.

Operational Development

Providing the most effective service stems from using tools tailored to perform specific functions in specific contexts.. BFC works with clients to develop the tools necessary to provide world-class service.

Strategy Development

Maturing markets require periodic reassessments of positioning, direction and capacity. Strategy development, implemented as a structured exercise, is an effective tool for building business models for the future.

BFC’s 4-step Strategy Development Process Framework allows clients to:

  • Understand successful strategy development frameworks
  • Create positive development strategies
  • Support further institutional development and the achievement of long-term goals

BFC has implemented a number of projects with strategy development component.

Lending Process & Product Development

Financial markets are highly competitive and require the flexibility to be able to quickly adjust to ever-changing realities.

BFC understands the when, where, why and how of updating lending processes and product portfolios within each unique market context.

Sales Development

Sales are imperative to many businesses. Through years of experience, BFC has cultivated the knowledge that allows organisations to build a sales function that delivers the high-quality services that fuel an optimised revenue stream.

Risk Management

Improving risk management capacity is fundamental to strengthening operations.

BFC’s client-centric approach includes:

BFC’s risk management services fully incorporate Committee of Sponsoring Organisations (COSO) Enterprise Risk Management Framework (ERM) standards.

BFC has conducted numerous projects implemented with risk management component.

HR Capacity Building

Human capital is an important factor in determining the long-term success of all organisations.

BFC has developed a unique approach to human resource development that combines current human resource theory with best practices and cultural contexts.