My institution wants to offer to our (existing or future) customers a new service. Do we need a partner?

We don’t believe that there is a hard and fast answer to this question. Below we provide a simple YES/NO question guide which you may follow: 

1. Is my institution able to develop and deliver the service to the targeted customers?
If the answer is “YES “ → consider doing it yourself
If the answer is “NO / MAYBE” → consider Question 2 below

2. Is (are) there a player(s) in the market that is (are) offering / can offer the service better than you?
If “YES / MAYBE” → contact the player(s) and verify your answer to Question 2
If “NO” → consider Question 3 below

3. Can my institution learn on its own (via external help) or is there someone in the market in a better position to learn with me (via external help)?
If “YES, I can learn on my own” → consider doing it yourself
If “NO / MAYBE” → consider contacting the other player for partnership


In addition, we would recommend that it is worth identifying what type of partnership could be established, create a screening of the market and financial institution to identify the feasibility and potential. Please see a list of options below.

  • Type of the partnership: partnership with service providers, supply-based chain, value chains with processors and manufacturers, etc.
  • Market: population, potential partners and their industries, competitions, successful or non-successful showcases, specific legal issues and overall government regulation, etc.
  • Financial institution: target segment, existing product offer, efficiency of the loan process, regional presence, implemented IT tools (for instance, loan origination system, CRM), etc.


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