Culture eats strategy for breakfast

vienna-conf2-110x72“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” — beginning with this famous quote by Peter Drucker, Michael Kortenbusch guided participants through a two-hour journey exploring the four key activities that form BFC’s Strategic Planning Framework: Understand, Decide, Plan, and Implement.


Sector Study: Potential for Agricultural Finance in Ukraine

Today, agricultural loan customers in the Ukraine lack reliable and sustainable access to finance. Banks still have a very conservative stance towards this client segment, especially with small and medium enterprises, citing various challenges in serving the sector.

To get a detailed picture of the main characteristics of the supply and demand patterns for the whole range of financial services in the agricultural sector, the Development Facility of the European Fund for Southeast Europe commissioned the “Potential for Agricultural Finance in Ukraine” sector study.


How do we master the challenges that face financing agricultural producers?

almaty-mk-110x72Michael Kortenbusch, General Director of Business & Finance Consulting, delivered an inspiring speech to more than 100 representatives of microfinance institutions, investors and authorities, in which he shared international experiences of how to successfully respond to the three key challenges in agricultural financing.


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