Small Enterprise Lending Programme III

SELP III focused on further improving lending efficiency, building partner banks’ institutional capacity, and supporting regional expansion.

BFC and Bankakademie (today Frankfurt School of Finance and Management) have made SELP a success by:

  • Working with three Georgian partner banks to enable them to provide profitable microfinance services;
  • Achieving continuous portfolio growth in existing outlets while maintaining its quality;
  • Broadening and deepening outreach;
  • Improving lending efficiency by increasing loan officer productivity;
  • Supporting regional expansion;
  • Building institutional capacity: improved human resource management and strengthened MIS.
SELP at a Glance (May 2005—December 2006)
Indicator May 2005 Dec. 2006
Portfolio size (USD, million) 18.67 92.96
Outstanding loans 7,890 19,505
Portfolio at risk (%) 1.9 1.1
Loan officer productivity* 11.5 17.1
Outlets 19 36
Partner Banks 2 3
*—Average number of loans disbursed per loan officer per month.