Russian Federation: Russia Small Business Fund Technical Co-operation Programme—Metallurgical Commercial Bank

The objective of the Assignment is to help Metcombank implement a sound strategy and deploy and efficiently use technology for lending to micro and small enterprises (“MSEs”) which will allow Metcombank to successfully implement its diversification strategy, improve and develop MSE lending, increase the share of MSE lending in the loan portfolio and become a leading player on MSME market in the regions of its operations.

The assignment provides for the following tasks:

  • Conduct audit and optimise current business processes, revise MSE strategy according to the audit findings
  • Develop and launch the micro lending product – express loans
  • Design and implement “Probability of Default” model
  • Analyze the automatization processes for MSME lending, identify possibilities for tailoring the existing ABS for MSE purposes
  • Assist Metcom with launching MSE lending in new points of sales, which includes:
    • selection and training of newly hired staff (loan officers)
    • launching the lending process (including attraction of potential borrowers)
    • supervision during the first months of operations