Georgia Agricultural Finance Programme

The Georgian Agriculture Finance Program — funded by KFW with resources from the European Union & the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation & Development — is designed to increase farmer’s access to finance so that they can invest in their businesses, improve their livelihoods, and revive Georgia’s agriculture sector.

The program supports three leading microfinance institutions in Georgia to increase their agricultural lending and reach the poorest farmers with a specific focus on long-term financing.

KfW’s two-fold approach combines dedicated agricultural credit lines in local currency to three leading microfinance institutions as well as technical support, provided by BFC, to ensure those MFIs have the expertise to sustainably support agriculture as a thriving business segment in the long term.

BFC brings international expertise to help the PFIs not only increase their lending, but make it smarter: streamlining credit processes and introducing innovative delivery channels. PFIs will fully incorporate agricultural lending into their business strategy, and be prepared to sustainably meet the needs of this sector in the long term.

Specific support provided to participating microfinance institutions by BFC includes:

  • Optimizing internal credit processes, risk management, and product offerings for agricultural clients.
  • Improving the ability of loan officers to assess small agribusinesses, and provide them with tools to simplify the process.
  • Develop mid-range and long- term business planning and strategy for the agricultural business segment.
  • Improve and strengthen Management Information Systems for increased efficiency and business analysis.
  • Support agricultural borrowers with financial literacy training.

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