Feasibility Study on Rural Credit in Azerbaijan

BFC has completed a feasibility study to inform its client on whether, how and with whom to partner for a planned commercial downscaling project targeting farmers and MSEs in rural Azerbaijan.

BFC worked with a local market research company to determine the potential demand for microfinance in rural areas:

  • Developing distinct questionnaires for farmers and non-farming MSEs;
  • Training market survey teams;
  • Developing a sampling methodology based on size of business, location and sector;
  • Overseeing the interviewing of 300 respondents in five regions.

In addition, BFC has:

  • Provided a detailed analysis of current microfinance supply in rural Azerbaijan;
  • Created detailed maps of microfinance service coverage throughout the country;
  • Pinpointed possible improvements in current lending operations;
  • Identified promising products and services for selected target groups;
  • Researched the legal framework affecting MSEs and credit providers;
  • Evaluated the suitability of potential partner institutions for inclusion in the programme.