Development and Implementation for Constanta Foundation

BFC developed and implemented a credit scoring system in order to assess the likelihood that micro and small business clients applying for loans will repay their loans on time. The scoring system is based on a statistical analysis of actual client data, enabling the bank to accurately identify client characteristics which are associated with higher and lower credit risk. In order to account for the diverse customer base of Constanta and improve the predictive power of the model, BFC explored risk profiles by segmenting clients into groups such as agricultural/non-agricultural enterprises and repeat/new clients.

In addition to developing the scoring system, BFC assisted the bank to modify its IT system in order to ensure proper implementation of the scoring system.

Modifications to the IT system included:

  • Adding new variables to the database in order to capture all the data necessary for scoring
  • Automatic calculation of the credit score based on application data
  • Automatic generation of recommended product conditions based on the credit score
  • Addition of a module for creating detailed portfolio statistics and other managerial reports associated with the scoring system.