Agricultural Finance

Working with lenders to positively develop the way in which finance and agriculture interact.

Farmers are often trapped in a cycle of low investment and low return, unable to improve their livelihoods.

Despite its enormous potential, agriculture is often underserved, with poor access to appropriate finance. However, developing and delivering well-tailored financial products can break this cycle.

BFC’s Approach:

Agricultural lending is a specialised line of business, requiring trained credit personnel and committed management dedicated to fully understanding its characteristics, mitigating the risks, and sustainably meeting the needs of the sector.

BFC’s Agricultural Finance Expertise:

  • Product design and marketing
  • Due diligence
  • Credit procedures and analytical tools
  • Sector-wide investment potential and access to finance studies
  • Capacity-building of loan officers
  • Developing strategic options
  • Adapting MIS for agricultural loans
  • Developing innovative delivery channels and cost saving mechanisms
  • Targeted assistance to regional lenders.
Effective and efficient financial product offerings, with low risk and low delivery cost.

With the right strategic approach, agricultural lending can effectively contribute to portfolio growth and income diversification.

BFC produces the Georgian Agricultural Finance Bulletin, which presents a round-up of the most up-to-date headlines from one of the economy’s most important sectors.

All editions are available at Georgia Agricultural Finance Programme page.