Data-driven Solutions

BFC combines an outstanding track record in setting up effective MSE operations with extensive data analysis experience, including credit scoring.

Recorded Webinar: Credit Scoring — Why and How to Get Started, by Peter Hauser (Senior Bank Advisor, BFC)
Increasing implementation of data-driven methods by microfinance and small business lenders has followed successful use in commercial and consumer credit, and the insurance industry.

Benefits of data-driven solutions:

  • standardised and streamlined credit approval processes
  • increased staff efficiency
  • reduced loan disbursal time
  • clearly defined and managed optimal default rates

BFC’s Approach

Future borrower payment behaviour is estimated based on an analysis of the payment behaviour of similar clients in the past. BFC take into account a client’s pre-existing business processes, lending product design, and human resource management, alongside providing hands-on advice to clients in these areas. This comprehensive approach maximises potential benefits for clients.

Data-driven solutions hold huge potential, especially when processing a high volume of credit applications.

BFC’s self-developed Master APS (Application Processing System) serves as an effective tool for credit approval in lending institutions.

BFC’s approach includes three phases