Smart business models can improve efficiency and reduce costs of financial services

ctn_africa We are pleased to announce that the Cracking the Nut Africa conference publication is now available online. The publication summarizes the key lessons learned from the conference, including the need for increased investment in Africa to improve rural livelihoods and food security.

…As the financial sector gravitates toward automation and becomes increasingly competitive, MFIs will have an increasingly difficult time differentiating themselves against competition and competing on anything other than price – resulting in a race to the bottom. To stay competitive and profitable, MFIs will need to uncover creative ways of offering value to clients while maintaining a high degree of operational efficiency. Business & Finance Consulting (BFC) proposes Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Generation Canvas as a useful tool to come up with innovative means to meet customer needs while maintaining a sustainable cost structure. The advantage of this tool is that it helps the institution to look at all major issues simultaneously so that holistic solutions can be identified…

Click to View Cracking the Nut Africa conference publication (PDF, 2Mb).