Seminar on agroinsurance development in Tbilisi

Michael KortenbuschHead of Insurance Association Devi Khechinashvili told Sarke that development of agroinsurance will depend on development of structure of agricultural production and involvement of state.

We are working jointly with the Parliament on agroinsurance assistance project, which “is long-term systematic doing”, Khechinashvili pointed. We plan that the state to cover 50–60% of premium, he added and expressed hope that “within 1 year, a reasonable system” will be established.

Seminar on agroinsurance development was held in Tbilisi at March 7, being organized by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and supported by Georgia’s Agriculture Ministry.

At the meeting, representative of Business & Finance Consulting Michael Kortenbusch stressed that lending of agriculture is increased in Georgia, while apart from loans, existing of savings and insurance is important.