Bai Tushum — A success story of Microfinance in Kyrgyzstan

o-online-banking-facebookThe bank of experimentation and innovation

To keep up with the rapid changes and to sustain an edge on competitors Bai Tushum is almost forced to be innovative. This is one of the reason that for example online banking has now recently been introduced. Even though, especially in the rural areas, few people are apt in using modern smart phones or any sort of mobile banking technology, the implementation and the offer sends a message of Bai Tushum’s ambition – to possible clients and to the competitors.

Innovations in the credit scoring systems and processes, which form the core of evaluating clients creditworthiness and the subsequent decision by credit committees, have been developed over the last years. Business and Finance Consulting (BFC) based in Zürich has shaped the strategy of this aspect strongly with the goal to increase the quality of the decision making while bringing down the time it takes to disburse a loan.