BFC at the 7th EFSE Annual Meeting, Sarajevo, 5–7 June 2013

efse-2013BFC Managing Director, Michael Kortenbusch, will be participating in this week’s event in Sarajevo. In Thursday’s panel discussion, ‘Agricultural Finance: What Role can it play?’, Mr Kortenbusch will give a keynote speech emphasising the importance of financing agriculture, and the need to improve processes and operational efficiency in this area.

5 Easy Solutions to Developing a Positive Corporate Image

five-solutionsBFC Managing Partner, Marina Kortenbusch, will be presenting “5 Easy Solutions to Developing a Positive Corporate Image” on Wednesday 29 May (14:45–16:15) at the 16th MFC Conference in Budva, following on from the success of last year’s presentation on developing strong teams with a “social heart” at the 2012 MFC Conference in Tbilisi.


BFC Research and Analytics—BFC successfully complete the Banking Environment and Performance Survey (BEPS) II

Following the EBRD’s evaluation of the final deliverables, BFC is happy to report:

“Overall EBRD is pleased with the implementation of the project and the quality of the data collected. From the beginning and up until now BFC has been and remains very responsive to all of our emails, requests, and questions. From the quality of the enumerator team that you put together, to the thoroughness of the training and the handling of a sometimes crazy logistical schedule BFC was always on top of it” (Senior Research Analyst, EBRD).

BFC wish to thank all of those who worked on this project for their outstanding commitment, expertise, and success!


BFC Establishes Agricultural Credit Scoring Solution for a Leading MFI in Georgia

score-ge In March, BFC successfully completed the introduction of a credit scoring solution for a leading microfinance institution (MFI) in the Caucasus. The BFC project team, consisting of Senior Credit Scoring Experts, Peter Hauser and Dan Pavelesku, worked closely with the client institution over five months to develop a statistical credit scoring system for agricultural microenterprises that will provide an accurate risk assessment of potential clients at the time of application.

Due Diligence Contract Extended with Leading IFI

BFC extends its multi-year advisory contract with a leading development bank. Under the contract, which was initiated in 2009, BFC’s dedicated due diligence team conduct onsite visits to banks throughout Central, South and South East Asia. As of April 2013, comprehensive institutional reviews of more than 170 banks in 19 countries have been completed.

Project Overview

To learn more, please contact Javier Fargas at

How Microfinance will benefit from “Big Data”

Credit scoring is a proven tool for making faster and more effective credit decisions. However, as shown in the recent presentation, “Enhanced Data Tools”, delivered by Peter Hauser, BFC Senior Bank Advisor, at the 9th Global Microfinance Forum in Vienna, such “big data” can also be used to develop targeted marketing approaches and social performance metrics, and improve portfolio risk management.


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