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Michael Kortenbusch Michael Kortenbusch
+41 44 784-22-22 ext.: 301

Michael Kortenbusch

Managing Director

Michael Kortenbusch is a senior expert in development finance, with over 20 years of experience in strategy and business development, turnaround management, MSME lending development, agricultural and rural finance, product innovations and financial due diligence.

As the Principal Founder and Managing Director of BFC, Michael has led and supervised more than 40 consulting and research projects throughout Asia, Europe and Africa, for both public and private sector clients, as well as direct with banks and MFIs. In addition, Michael is a prolific public speaker and contributor at international conferences.

Michael holds an MA in Business Administration, Slavic Languages and Eastern European History, from Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany, and is fluent in English, German and Russian.

Peter Hauser hauser@bfconsulting.com
+1 202 297 26 20; +41 44 784-22-22 ext.: 303

Peter Hauser

Senior Bank Advisor

Peter Hauser is a senior development finance expert with 20 years of professional experience in analytics, credit scoring, MSME lending development, and financial institution due diligence. He is one of BFC key staff members, joining the company back in 2004; since then, Peter has been involved as Team Leader and Senior Consultant within more than 30 projects in 24 developing countries.

While at BFC, Peter has specialized in the development and implementation of statistical credit scoring systems for banks and MFIs, specifically from Eastern Europe and Central Asia. He is also a frequent conference speaker, actively promoting the use of advanced data solutions in emerging economies and the value of effective due diligence procedures.

Peter holds an MBA from Georgetown University (USA) and is fluent in English and Russian.

Javier Fargas Javier Fargas
+34 649 250 817; +41 44 784 22 22 ext.: 405

Javier Fargas

Senior Bank Advisor

Javier is an international finance and strategic management consultant with over 20 years of professional experience, specifically focused on bank due diligence, financial and credit analysis, trade finance, microfinance and risk rating.

Javier is the Team Leader of BFC’s implementation of technical assistance for the Asian Development Bank’s ‘Trade Finance Programme’. Since 2009, the BFC team have performed financial analyses and due diligence assessments of over 150 banks in 19 countries throughout Asia and the Pacific.

Javier holds a joint Master’s degree in Law and Business Administration from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid, Spain, and is fluent in English and Spanish.

Marina Kortenbusch Marina Kortenbusch
+41 76 562-77-76; +41 44 784 22 22 ext.: 302

Dr Marina Kortenbusch

Co-founder & Managing Partner

As Managing Partner, Marina provides direction and leadership toward the achievement of BFC’s strategy and philosophy. Marina oversees all administrative functions, including finance, recruiting, public relations and marketing, as well as supervising official reporting in BFC’s countries of operation and project management.

As an entrepreneur, Marina provides an inventive approach to internal and external business development, having designed, launched and implemented numerous innovative and optimised products and services.

Marina holds a PhD in Comparative Pedagogy and Environmental Education from Moscow Pedagogical State University, Russia, and is fluent in English, German and Russian.

Cristina Cebotari Cristina Cebotari
+41 44 784 22 22 ext.: 107

Cristina Cebotari

Business Development Unit Manager

Since joining BFC in 2008, Cristina’s areas of expertise have included project management, strategic planning, market assessment, research and analysis, and personnel development and management. In her current role, she successfully manages new project acquisitions from both donors and direct contracts with financial institutions, ensures timely submission of high-quality applications for tenders, and performs vital follow-up activities subsequent to the award of a contract.

Prior to joining the Business Development team, Cristina performed key roles in project management, recruitment and administration.

Cristina holds an M.Sc. in Banking and Finance Administration from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, and is fluent in English, Romanian and Russian.

Eugen Birca Eugen Birca
+373 693 310 05; +41 44 784 22 22 ext.: 105

Eugen Birca

Senior Project Manager

Eugen is one of BFC’s longest serving members, having joined the team in 2006. Eugen’s areas of expertise include internal control systems, methodology design, strategic planning, market research, business and investment planning, and capacity building.

Eugen’s primary areas of responsibility include supervising budgeting and invoicing processes, developing company and project cash flows, and profit projections. In addition, Eugen leads the coordination of a number of high-level projects for international donors, including the current Georgia Agricultural Finance Programme and the Russian Small Business Fund MSE Lending Programme, amongst others.

Eugen holds a five-year B.Sc. in Economics from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, and is fluent in English, Romanian, and Russian.