Potential for Cost Reducing and Efficiency

costreducingBusiness & Finance Consulting (BFC) collaborates with AdVision Finance to investigate the potentials for cost-reducing and efficiency-increasing measures in microfinance institutions as well as which measures could possibly be implemented as part of a future project.

The study was commissioned by KfW Development Bank with the financial support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

PDF: https://www.kfw-entwicklungsbank.de/PDF/Download-Center/Materialien/2016_Nr.3_Potential-for-Cost-Reducing-and-Efficiency_EN.pdf

Can Smartphones Help the Poorest Escape Extreme Poverty?

cgap_2014_110Trickle Up is piloting a new project integrating smartphones with both custom-built and pre-existing apps into our Graduation programs in India serving ultrapoor women. Like all of our participants, they will be given seed capital, skills training and coaching, and will be connected with other women in savings groups where they share advice and access loans. The addition of a smartphone, however, means that the 1,000 women in the pilot will have instant access to information, training materials, and other resources.

As part of a Clinton Global Initiative commitment to provide 25,000 extremely poor women with access to mobile technology, we are working on this pilot in partnership with Tata Communications, Tone, and Brightstar. Graduation is a tested, effective approach for helping people living in extreme poverty build sustainable livelihoods, by providing a sequenced, time bound set of inputs to support planning and investment in income-generating activities and access to financial services. This project gives us an opportunity to explore the potential role of technology in improving and scaling the delivery of the Graduation approach to more women in remote areas.

Innovative Approach for Financing Agricultural Activities in FINCA

finca-fasaIn the frames of “Financing the Agricultural Sector in Armenia” (FASA) project, FINCA is launching an innovative approach for financing agricultural activities.

For the first time in the Armenian market the lending process is being realized through value chain financing. For that purpose, FINCA has designed new “Fertile” loan, which is meant for individuals, farmers and entrepreneurs, who need support for acquiring seeds, fertilizers, small agricultural equipment, and other agricultural utilities. (more…)

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