Navigating the pitfalls of agricultural value chain finance in Eurasia


Financing value chains seems deceptively simple, but don’t be deceived!

By Michael Kortenbusch, Zurich, September 27, 2016

What sounds good in theory does not always work in practice. Value chain finance is a prime example. The theory is simple: If each of the three parties involved—farmer, aggregator, and bank—gains a benefit, the scheme will be a win-win-win. Reality is different: Quite a few programmes that look promising on paper eventually fail to deliver on expectations. (more…)

Bai-Tushum on the Field Day

On September 30, Bai-Tushum Bank took part in Field Day organized by KWS, K.O.Standard Agroservice (Lemken, Amazone), Grimme, Bai-Jer LLC companies in partnership with Kaindy-Kant OJSC factory, GIZ and TES-Center. The meeting was primarily dedicated to “Demonstration of advanced sugar beet hybrids, agricultural machinery and primary (fall) tillage agricultural activities”.

To recap, in July 2015 Bai-Tushum Bank and Kaindy-Kant OJSC signed cooperation agreement for the purposes of expanding access to financial resources for small and medium enterprises, engaged in agriculture.

Development of financial skills in ArmBusinessBank, Armenia

armbb-3The training on “Financial Analysis” carried out for employees of ARMBUSINESSBANK’s credit department within the framework of German-Armenian Fund and German Development Bank KfW joint program “Financing of agricultural sector in Armenia” (FASA) is completed and the results are summed up.

The training for increasing the efficiency of agricultural lending has been developed by “Business and Finance Consulting” (BFC) specifically for ARMBUSINESSBANK.

Development of Small Enterprise Lending at Vitas Jordan

jordan-coverA capacity-building grant from the SCBF combined with the company’s own contribution to enable Vitas Jordan to develop new strategies to reach out to the unserved SE segment. The project implemented by the BFC team of experts contributed to more targeted lending which catered to the needs of small businesses.


Easy and Affordable Loan Product for Farmers

IMG_9339-2 Within the frames of the “Support for the Agricultural Sector, Phase II” program, financed by the German KfW bank, “CARD AgroCredit” UCO CJSC and “Berkarat Jermots” LLC signed a partnership agreement for the purpose of the agricultural value chain financing.

Bai Tushum — A success story of Microfinance in Kyrgyzstan

o-online-banking-facebookThe bank of experimentation and innovation

To keep up with the rapid changes and to sustain an edge on competitors Bai Tushum is almost forced to be innovative. This is one of the reason that for example online banking has now recently been introduced. Even though, especially in the rural areas, few people are apt in using modern smart phones or any sort of mobile banking technology, the implementation and the offer sends a message of Bai Tushum’s ambition – to possible clients and to the competitors.

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