Bai-Tushum on the Field Day

On September 30, Bai-Tushum Bank took part in Field Day organized by KWS, K.O.Standard Agroservice (Lemken, Amazone), Grimme, Bai-Jer LLC companies in partnership with Kaindy-Kant OJSC factory, GIZ and TES-Center. The meeting was primarily dedicated to “Demonstration of advanced sugar beet hybrids, agricultural machinery and primary (fall) tillage agricultural activities”.

To recap, in July 2015 Bai-Tushum Bank and Kaindy-Kant OJSC signed cooperation agreement for the purposes of expanding access to financial resources for small and medium enterprises, engaged in agriculture.

Development of financial skills in ArmBusinessBank, Armenia

armbb-3The training on “Financial Analysis” carried out for employees of ARMBUSINESSBANK’s credit department within the framework of German-Armenian Fund and German Development Bank KfW joint program “Financing of agricultural sector in Armenia” (FASA) is completed and the results are summed up.

The training for increasing the efficiency of agricultural lending has been developed by “Business and Finance Consulting” (BFC) specifically for ARMBUSINESSBANK.

Georgia’s Quest to Promote Agricultural Insurance

agro-ge Agriculture is Georgia’s lifeblood. Fifty-three percent of the country’s working population is engaged in agriculture, many working on small plots of one hectare or less. The family farm is the backbone of Georgia’s rich rural culture. But from a financial perspective, it’s far from a sure thing. The agriculture sector employs more than half of Georgia’s workforce but accounts for only 10 percent of GDP. Many farmers earn little or no cash income. When natural disaster strikes and crops fail, rural families have little to fall back on.

The fragility of that life became obvious in August 2015, when a storm destroyed roughly 2,300 hectares of land in Kakheti. Hail, rain, and wind whipped across the landscape for 25 minutes. During that time, numerous homes and large numbers of livestock and crops were destroyed. In the Akhmeta region, the entire grape harvest was destroyed by a mudslide brought on by the storm.

BFC’s Value Chain Finance at MFC Annual Conference

BFC was delighted to present on Value Chain Finance at the MFC annual conference, held on June 23-24, 2016 in Tirana.

During the session, BFC shared practical insights into the key success factors of making Value Chain Finance benefit all involved stakeholders.

Innovative Approach for Financing Agricultural Activities in FINCA

finca-fasaIn the frames of “Financing the Agricultural Sector in Armenia” (FASA) project, FINCA is launching an innovative approach for financing agricultural activities.

For the first time in the Armenian market the lending process is being realized through value chain financing. For that purpose, FINCA has designed new “Fertile” loan, which is meant for individuals, farmers and entrepreneurs, who need support for acquiring seeds, fertilizers, small agricultural equipment, and other agricultural utilities. (more…)